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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Golf On The Horizon

Supposed to go to Norwoods today with some other Whiggers who are off today.


Hate it when that big green blob on the map gets closer and closer and closer ....

At least we didn't get out there and then get hammered with rain.

Instead I went out and bought the new U2 CD, No Line On The Horizon.

My initial impression after listening to every song is that when you get to be a 40-something rock star, you can write stream of consciousness songs and everybody will still buy your new CD.

Just kidding. Sort of. U2 is so freaking pretentious, but they don't hide it. Part of the charm, I suppose.

The other thing about these songs is that U2 really should just have Eno and Lanois join the band and play weird instruments on tour, then mute them in the mix.

After a first listen, I like Magnificent, Moment of Surrender and Breathe.

The others will grow on me, like most of U2's CDS.

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