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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Drums On Fire

I've played with a lot of good drummers. Chris and Pat Cornwell, Adam Yates, Justin Busen, David Steggeman, Josh Kattelman, Danny Mabie, Kevin Vandament and other fill-ins along the way.

Kirk Gribbler of The Cheeseburgers is awesome. He doesn't smash everything in sight, he just keeps a steady beat and helps us take off and land smoothly, and he has an ear for PA systems and balance.

We do a bit where he has a drum solo before we launch into a fire-related song, so here it is from the other night at The Grove. Come see it for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Cool ... but, uh, is that FIRE? Is that a good idea? Ooops. Here comes the fire marshall!