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Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Music Business

Shey Fey and I are embarking on a new adventure — we are starting Second String Music.

It will be located at Eighth and Washington, on the southwest corner, where Peggy's Costumes used to be. It's a beautiful building, move-in ready, reasonable rent. Sheryl has done a massive amount of work to prepare, and we hope to open later in February.

The seeds were sown when Sheryl's position at Titan Wheel was eliminated a year ago. She could not find a decent computer job in Quincy and had a disappointing experience working for a local bank. A novelty shop has been on her mind for years and she wanted to get away from doing too much computer work. Then something happened that changed everything. When Pat Cornwell passed away last November, a huge void was left in our hearts. Vegas Music closed and we began thinking about opening a music store. We looked at several locations and finally decided on the Calftown building.

We are working with Pat's son, Chris, to help get the store started. We want this to be a place for musicians to hang out, to sell their CDs and swag. We'll have guitars, amps, drums, accessories. We will offer guitar lessons. We will have art and some other fun, novelty items.

Second String refers to my legendary athletic career coming off the bench, plus the strings, of course, and we want to "backup" our local musicians. Second String Music will be a huge supporters of local music.

I am NOT quitting my day job. Sheryl will be operating the store on a daily basis although she may not get paid for awhile. We are both scared and excited to get going!

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Sandy said...

This shop is going to be awsome! Spread the word, you will be glad you did!