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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gigs and crowds

So a week ago Saturday we played at The Grove in Quincy. It was basically for a 50th birthday party but open to the public as well. The Grove is very small and there's no stage, just a space in a corner for the band.

We set up early in the afternoon and when we came back about 45 minutes before start time, the bar was packed and people were in the mood to have fun. So it was no surprise that from the opening song to the riotous encores, it was the best time we've had since John Hodge and I joined last summer, and we played really, really well, no hiccups, cranking 'em out one after the other.

Last night we were in Pittsfield and nobody, and I mean nobody, was there when we started. We made friends with the bartenders and cook and were halfway through the first set when two people showed up. Then some of Burt's family arrived, and a few more people straggled in, by the end of the night we probably had 20 people.

Well. We were paid to do a job and we did it, and did pretty well, but it was tough to maintain the energy all night. I do appreciate the people who came out and had a good time listening to us. We had a nice stage and a great-sounding room.

It's amazing how other factors influence how you play, or how you feel when and after you play. Good crowds, good venues and energy make all the difference.

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