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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Undecided? YES!

So The Cheeseburgers played Sunday afternoon at a Turner Hall cancer benefit, and as usual it was a blast.

I respect and appreciate the many local bands which donate time for such events. They are all awesome and I love to hear them play.

We were getting ready to leave when a band from the St. Louis area called The Undecided took the stage. They were a little heavier but had some really cool original music. The singer also played acoustic guitar, the rhythm section was right there and the guitar player had this Gibson SG just roaring. Only a few guitarists should be allowed to play an SG. This guys is one of them.

Then they did a couple of covers, Billy Idol and Bob Seeger, and then they launched into Van Halen's Mean Street and it was just freaking phenomenal.

Always great when you go to hear music and something jumps out at you. Apparently they'll be back in Hannibal in July, might have to check em out again!

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