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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flinn Rocks

Huge crowd at the QHS football game last night for Homecoming.

Give Coach Little and his players credit for being prepared and playing really hard. The Blue Devils are 3-2 and 2-0 in the WB6, though the tough part of the conference schedule now looms.

I was working last night so I only saw a few minutes of the second quarter and the halftime show. The percussion and bells section especially were very good, not that I'm biased ....

The QHS band rocks. They were in excellent form in the parade Thursday down Maine Street and at halftime Friday.

The only thing I didn't like about the game was the public address announcer. Doing play by play is annoying. And there was more yelling than information given. If I want a running account of the game, I'll bring my radio. Just give us the ball carrier and who made the tackle.

Other than that, it was a Big Friday Night ....


TOOKIE said...

How was the smell ? That field has a special smell to it . It is never the smell of wins but just to me it smells like FOOTBALL .

Call me weird but I love being at a High School game and just having that Fall grass & turf smell hit me .

It reminds me that our favorite time is here .

Your up early for working late .

rodney hart said...

Flinn Stadium is one of the best HS football stadiums in the country. If the Blue Devils ever start winning, and Coach Little might just be the man to get them there, it could be a house of horrors for opposing teams. It's a little bit sprawled out but man, QHS fans support their team!

Sleep, Tookster, is highly overrated, especially when it's a fall Saturday.

Anonymous said...

ok call me a litte bias but how about that Quincy Notre Dame football program?!?! they rock all the time! next tiem don't forget to mention them!:)

rodney hart said...

Well, I'm biased too, my daughter is a Blue Devil. But I respect the folks at 10th and Jackson, coach Connell included. There's been a few Friday nights I've wandered down the street to a game, probably go to one or two this year.

Notre Dame High School football is well attended and supported.... but they still didn't have nearly as many people last night at their game as QHS did. School size and facilities play a large role.

Anonymous said...

I for one happen to like the guy on the Mike. Keeps the crowd up and in the game. Hey, its new for QHS, just like the coach and it excites. Way to go in the booth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, I rarely write on these things, but I have to say this. The announcer at QHS games is one reason that I would actually consider boycotting going to games, no matter how good they are. That guy is so incredibly annoying that I can't enjoy the game. Who told local PA guys they could just talk and talk and talk? I didn't come to hear this guy cheer and scream at me. Thank you.