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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Tookie

And a very happy birthday to the Web Warrior of Doom who turns 10 today. Don't hit him while he rides his new tricycle around Vermont Street. Be nice to him and try to talk to him now before McFadden turns his world upside down Saturday.

Tookie - sometimes I think it must be nice to not care about anything.


TOOKIE said...

Typical of anyone at the WHIG

I am 9/10 so is a local Lawyer who grew up in the "Hood" and was my closest of friends .

9/9 is a web warrior who shall be unnamed but we're tight --guys the picture of "STand up" in Stand up guy

9/9 is also the bday of another Hood rat who is off finding himself and has gotten like 2 phd's while doing it !

Not to rub it in but today is 9/11


and I always held your reporting above Ed and Che

*shakes head

TOOKIE said...

And if Mcfadden turns the world upside down ........

I won't actually mind ! That dude is a SUPER FREAK .

He is why I love NCAA ball . Out of nowhere pops McFadden & Jones . Hey I know BAMA will prepare the best they can but dude ......

It's McFadden & Jones

rodney hart said...

Are you making excuses already?

Typical Bama fan, still suffering from the Shula fallout ....

TOOKIE said...

Dude DMac is not an excuse . Reggie Bush was never an excuse . That guy can play ball . It will be a great game even under Shula we had them BEAT last year !

I am just giving DMac the props he deserves . He did one screw up last year in the summer & since then has been a perfect example of a student athlete .

I like the guy ! How can you not ?

I am fired up about the game ! This should be BIG time , with everybody bringing their A game !

Anonymous said...

What a love fest you two have going.

TOOKIE said...

A love fest is DOB , a shirtless picture of Brady Quin , and a tube of KY .

This is just Rod-knee & I throwing jabs . You know full well as soon as Alabama gets BEAT Rod-knee will be all up in my grill like a t-bone steak .

TOOKIE said...

"wwneo" was my secret code ( well I think that is what the damn letters are)....

Rodney when it codes like that it is pure HELL on me .

I am kind of getting the feeling that the Husker Nation may make a statement this weekend .

USC had a bye week and they will come prepared , but the 'skers have been climbing and are getting so close.

While at the Hospital yesterday , we were kind of cheering at the Bills player having some movement .

The Nurse said " You guys love football?"

We said yep but mainly NCAA .

She then did one of those NCAA Football fan moments .....

unbuttoned her nurse shirt and had a HUSKER TEE on .

Funny how at odd moments and weird times SOMETHING happens that is just flat out KICK @ss .

And she agreed if Tom Osborne ran for GOD of GOD's in Nebraska ....

They would vote 99.999% and all Churches would replace Jesus with TOM !

God I love this time of year !

rodney hart said...

I'm working for Gus in Macomb Saturday so I'll miss Michigan-Notre Dame, which will save me heartburn and misery anyway. Before I collapse into my Gus-induced coma Saturday night, I'll ltry to watch some games .... I love this time of year too!