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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Friend

I met a dear friend for lunch yesterday and I was afraid I'd break her heart.

Instead, I got nothing but love and support.

When you make life-changing decisions, the consequences reverberate, much like the pebble in the pond. The last thing I want to do is hurt anybody, but sometimes you have no choice.

I appreciate friends and I have good ones in Quincy.

I'm also reading Rick Reilly's book, a collection of his Sports Illustrated columns, and time after time he drives home the point about not taking friends and family for granted.

We all do. It's human nature.

Stopping for two seconds to think about it will make you feel better and cleanse the soul.


TOOKIE said...

How true that is . Times like what I have I lean real hard on my friends and my ROCK.

My very close knit group of Badass int'l Bro's and sisters have been STELLAR .

Long time friends have said some of the nicest things ever.

So even though I am still a P.O. Tookie , I do agree 100% with you .

My group of truely super close friends would give kidneys to each other if needed. They would chop off a finger if you lost yours .

There are great people in the world .

I think with age I have learned that the smaller the group of truely close friends you have , the more stand up they are.

I know a ton of people , but my do or die group is damn near the same as it was in the 1980's ......

And they have taken in my better half with open arms .

Good topic Rod-knee ! Good Topic !

UMRBlog said...

It sounds like the universal board game: "Whom do you dump?"

Very heavy. Perhaps more information that I was prepared to process. I think I'll go rename my blog "Upper Mississippi River Basin Blog City Desk" just to change the subject.

I feel like I should cue Bobby McGee or something but I'm too emotionally spent. Hum at will.


UMRBlog said...


The other trick is that the group is always just a little smaller than you think it is.....always.

rodney hart said...

Every time I log onto the REAL City Desk, I feel like humming "Smoke On The Water" or The Police's "Demolition Man" or maybe "Running With the Devil" by Van Halen.

TOOKIE said...

Rodney someone called you over rated on Boob Goo's 'blog"

I told said anon to meet you in South Park in the Early AM during the walk ......

Please Do a Rick Viave & pull the shirt over the head .......

Ya know what I am talking about .

Watch out for Edwar Madigan he is gearing up for a large State House fight

p.s. : You all cheer me up at the weirdest moments !

UMR cracked me up with the name change --been f***in with me since I was a min of 4 or 5

rodney hart said...

I might do a Tiger Williams and Pierre Bouchard and just pummel him at centre ice ....

Don't worry, it's just Andy E. He used to work at The Whig, then got brainwashed by some right wing fanaticals and moved to Katmandu or some danged place. It's harmless.

Actually with The Funions, I'm overrated and underpaid. We almost never get paid to play ...

Have a good one!

Rocky Cola said...

Tony Twist.

TOOKIE said...

Tony Twist had a glass jaw and could barely skate .

TOOKIE said...

Buzz the tookie phone tomorrow .

You got me looking at other spots !

I posted some LYRICS that I want the Funions to cover


only 3/4's as pissed off !

Taking the family on Dinner date

rodney hart said...

Tookie, it will be easier for you to call me .... I'll send you an email tomorrow with my cell.