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Monday, September 24, 2007

Gundy's Rant

Just saw Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy's rant about a columnist criticizing his quarterback. See it for yourself:

Gundy goes over the edge and makes several classic mistakes in his raving. First of all, his team won a big conference game, but nobody cares about that now, since all he did was get red in the face right after it ended. Secondly, he shouts at a guy who works for a business that buys ink by the barrel, and you simply can't win.

Gundy made some great points and should be commended for sticking up for his QB. But if thinks that these are "just kids" and if thinks college football is some sort of dream world where athletes are immune from media and fan scrutiny, he's not only sadly mistaken, he's been living under a rock for a long time.

Had Gundy simply stared the columnist down, or frozen him out, or simply ignored him, or made a short statement about what an idiot the guy is, he would have won. And he could have used it for the "us against the world" approach to motivating his team.

Division I College football is a big business, plain and simple. Are they 17 and 18 years old? Yes. Are they being paid? No. Do the vast majority bust their butts and make their universities proud? Yes.

Are they coddled and have advantages many students simply don't have in this day and age of $30,000-a-year tuition? Yes.

Look at Michigan quarterback Ryan Mallett, a FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE who is now throwing passes in front of 110,000 angry Maize and Blue fans on Saturdays. Is that fair to throw him to the wolves? Heck no, but he's out there and trying, and if some bozo writer says otherwise, that's the way it is.

The media doesn't care. There are sports writers and columnists out there who simply feed the beast, who have kids themselves, who don't want to hurt anybody, but also will run over their mom to get the story.

Coach Gundy needs to worry more about the rest of the Big 12 schedule that what a columnist says. This isn't a fairy tail with the gloves off, Coach. It's the big time, Big 12 football, and blowing up after a huge win doesn't get it done.

Gundy doesn't owe the columnist an apology, or talk to him ever again. He does owe an apology to his team and the rest of the media, because they wanted his take on a big game and he left them hanging.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the Youtube piece. Not having the benefit of knowing what was said in the article he was irate about, is say kudos to the coach. The media needs to be held accountable for stupid, thoughless, inaccurate statements. College sports is big business, but young athletes are still kids. Bottom line -- if a writer is writing an article, have the darned facts straight and use good judgement. That is sometimes not the case in the HW or any newspaper I suppose. Sports is not just about winning.

rodney hart said...

You are right. You did not benefit from what was written, although sadly your point about being accurate (which I totally agree with) has been lost because of the post-game tirade.

Remember, it's a columnist, an opinion, and there's a huge difference between straight news story and a column. And what if his facts were straight, as he claims they were?

TOOKIE said...

Look up Paul Finebaum ......

Somedays the MOST hated man in Alabama ! Death threats are a norm for him .

Major NCAA Ball is a beast ! it is the only sport $ for $ that competes with the NFL in total profits .

Hell Both BAMA & FSU get $2 million for this weeks game in Jacksonville , Fl .

4 year play = $16,000,000 5th game in the season for the school . That is just SHY under what a major bowl pays out for an IN season game .

That Columnist was PIG 12 anyway .....down in the SEC country they would have beat his ass.

Picture Coach O from Ole Miss doing that melt down a chainsaw and the cover of Fangora mag

PPGA Commish said...

Don't know if this matters or not, but the columnist is a woman.

TOOKIE said...

Yes I knew that too D2the OB ....

EDSBS explained in better detail and with dirty words the entire thing .

TOOKIE said...

The damn broke today !

I even had to bring up jumping your sh*t after the Motobike story .

If bringing up bad memories hurts ya ....

I will "sorry " now .

Have a good day Mr like me Early riser

rodney hart said...

Tookie .... GET SOME SLEEP. You need it.

TOOKIE said...

Sleep is overrated . Stress tends to inhibit sleep . Also if I get a fever or am under undue stress I am a sleep walker . Not just a tiny walk around the house but the type that may wake up miles from home .

TOOKIE said...

You tube has Jenni Carlson all over it . That paper & it's sports editor are back peddling .

Now matter what happens at the end of the day ........I am damn PROUD of that Coach . I am a NCAA JUNKIE ! But the reason is , they are KIDS.

I am proud of the way that he stood with his player . I am proud that he was mad enough to give us 3 mins of his real thoughts .

He may have taught Ms. Jenni a life lesson .

Either way it & the fall out are very interesting and make one think.

p.s. : Tell David Adam he was looking DEAD SEXY on the Morning news while plugging your story .

The Girl's body language said " Oh David lets all get 400# of pudding and wrestle "

David you sly dog you

TOOKIE said...

Rod-knee will you ask Sir Elton Adam WHY he was talking about MAKE UP ?

The Girls were loving him then he had an ULTRA GHEY moment .

Maybe he really is a sly dawg , and it was his lure then his PIMP DADDY self would shock and awe them into 400#'s of puddin .

But serious MAKE UP ??

Tell him I still disagree 25 years later with some of his shitty calls when he was a ref or an ump.

There was NO RULE about "stick um" on the velcrow on the flags ...

So tell Make up boy that

UMRBlog said...

I think, given his recruiting region and the his secret weapon (T. Boone), he just picked up a recruiting advantage. Or, more precisely, reduced his disadvantage.

Folks in the SW love passionate loyalty. In a month, it won't matter that it was kinda misdirected. There'll be a lotta pickup drivers saying "I want my son playing for a gah'll stick up for'm"

Continued Success.

TOOKIE said...

Dude .........whoever is the I.T> guy at QNI needs his/her ass kicked .

First comments on "Blades of Glory " Sports and Les" about to get his multi colored hair's ass kicked " blog DON'T WORK.

It doesn't even to to the "Rodney secret anti spam code"

Les Sach's City Desk ......

Like that mfer doesn't think doing that noise is going to get his BUTT abused every post he makes in the First , second , third , and YES he did it the 4th person.