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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Social Experiment

It's not quite a Michigan morning - still too much humidity - but it's comfortable sitting on the porch reviving with caffeine.

I've decided to quit drinking during the month of September, and to see where it leads. Until last night, I was doing fine. Then I went to Blues In The District at Washington Park and it got a little more challenging.

But seeing Tookie with H20 made me feel better. He's stopped to cut carbs. I've stopped to just see if I can do it.

I liken this to a social experiment. If you are hanging out and the beer is flowing, are your perceptions different if you decide not to drink?

Duh! Of course! I'm not saying it's better or worse, but it's very different.

I'm quitting because it was getting too easy to have a beer after work. After a walk. After dinner. At night. All night.

I know people who drink a lot more and are still functional. I know people who hardly drink at all and should drink more — "Lighten up, Francis ...." In the end, you can't worry about anybody else, just yourself. My liver will thank me, I know that.

Not sure how long it will last. I can't imagine sitting on a Lake Michigan beach without a beer. Then again, it might be nice to wake up in the tent and not wonder where the Aspirin bottle is.

Just thinking how huge the Oregon at Michigan game is this afternoon, and how nice it will be to just sit and watch college football today.

With a water, of course .....


TOOKIE said...

I like Social experiment , that is a great word choice . I want to cut 30-60 # , just beacause my 37th birthday is close . Also with my crew of heathens , beer seems to grow on trees .

My good frind Mr Petty ( related to law dawg in the Pitt ) will randonly stop drinking for 2 months a year . He never picks when or where just wakes up and does it to prove he can .

Not drinking beer at Blue was not hard , but hot humid , music & friends something so SIMPLE as a beer ...........well they just go together .

Toast an h2o !

and giggle at my pawns in the mess with poor Rodney !

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is a lifestyle in this town...truly the social lubricant for many of those who have trouble managing anxiety and depression.

We all medicate in our own way. Some choose porn, nicotine, shopping, sex, obsessive attention to their jobs, etc. It's hard to judge anyone's medication of choice.

I would be curious to know how many people ask you why you are no longer tipping a cold one.

I sure hope you can stay sober for 30 days. It will probably provide you with some insights into your relationships with people and how you view the world.

rodney hart said...

Nobody really asked. Some people just rolled their eyes. I got some high-fives.

You are right to an extent, in that if you go somewhere you have a beer and you don't even think about it, it's a curious thing.

Already been severely tested so the 30 days is a lock. I might make it more. I'm not looking at it as a life-altering decision, and who knows if it will change my views.

TOOKIE said...

Rod-knee the 30 mark lets get a bet going .........a 12 pack of our favorite cold ones on who makes it longer !

And wow Dr Phil just checked in above us .


You sounded good today , but babysitting called & I had to bolt .

But don't tell John , but there were 0 cars and Greenday" Longview" full blast sunroof down I tested GERMAN Engineering !

I won't put in print how far the test went .

BUT DAMN I feel good

rodney hart said...

You are on. Goose Island is my favorite flavor. I survived a gig and a float in the pool today without giving in.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phil tips his hat to both of you fellows.

PPGA Commish said...

Funny how this epiphany just happens to come after the Demons' season is over.

You would have never made it through the victory celebration - much less the season - without throwing down a few cold ones.

rodney hart said...

DOB: You are right.