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Monday, October 15, 2007

Baseball Woes

With apologies to my sister in Denver and brother in Phoenix, baseball sucks.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about the Rockies and D'backs. Last year's World Series was the least-viewed ever, and this year's might have even less viewership due to the NL representative.

In the AL, at least you have the team you love to hate, now known as the Boston Red Sox. I hate the Red Sox. I hate Manny Ramirez, who looks like the alien predator in the awesomely bad Arnold-Jesse movie from back in the day. I hate David Ortiz, who looks like he's waddling after a pizza when turning a triple into a single. I hate Curt Schilling baffling hitters and using his AARP card at the same time. I hate all the other bald guys who look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. And I hate JD Drew, who represents everything wrong about the game, way overpaid and underproductive.

Saturday night I'm getting ready for the Funions gig at about 7 p.m. and the Indians-Sox game is starting. I come home at 12:15 exhausted from playing and tearing down AND THE GAME IS STILL ON. Extra innings or not, it's a classic example of slow-ball and watching paint dry.

Last night I flip to the NL game and they are playing in a freezing rain and it's 4-1 in the sixth .... I watched for 10 seconds, and never flipped back.

Sorry, Major League Baseball. You haven't won me back. You never will.


Anonymous said...

More important than baseball:

Cue "Dragnet" theme:

Jury trial 12/10/2007 09:00 VAHLE 1B

Tookie's OV case, trail of the century (or at least the morning)

I'm sure they'll be studing this case at JWCC law school (pre-law) for years to come.

chart said...

And with all due respect to you... I've never liked baseball. I've sat in the scorching sun at Coors Field a few times, drank my $8 beer, bought $4 hotdogs for the kids, sucked it up, and pretended to care. But now I'm a self-admitted fair weather fan. I'm hooked. The game last night was over before 10 Mountain Time (that's 9 PHX time). And it had some great moments - a 3-run homer for one. For me, I think it's living in a major league city. You can't live in Denver right now and not have "Rocktober fever."

rodney hart said...

Nothing wrong with cheering for your team. If I was there (give me a few years!) I'd do the same.

But you made a point for me by saying the game got done at 10 your time ... that's midnight eastern, where much of the rest of the country lives. Would they stay up that late to watch two teams they don't care about? Nope.

And ... did you watch the other series tonight?

rodney hart said...

Oh and by the way, it's the third inning of Game 4 right now .... and it's 10:30 Central. Good night. I'll read about it in the morning ....

shart said...

Baseball is alive and well, Rodney, and, like you, I don't get it. Teams [not named the Baltimore Orioles] are setting all-time attendance records and securing outrageous TV contracts even while ratings are historically low. Teams like the Rockies this year (and the A's or Twins in past years) allow Selig et al to promulgate the myth of parity, even as the $150M and $200M payroll Red Sox and Yankees make the playoffs every year. I guess it's a different game in the year 2007 - more regional than national. By the way, according to a couple of ESPN surveys I saw, no one outside of AZ thought the D-Backs would win (turns out they were right), so the Rockies could gain a few sympathy viewers. On the other hand, east coast bias/apathy toward anything in another time zone is not just a river in the desert...

I didn't watch tonight because I'm doing homework in the hotel lobby in San Diego (who is still bitter about blowing a 2-run lead to CO in the 13th inning of their playoff game). Did you watch the Tigers with interest last year?


shart said...

OK, I just read a couple of earlier blog entries, so I must add:

(1) Both MLB playoff games in AZ sold out. The national coverage on it was totally bogus - the journalists involved were using initial (non-updated) ticket sales numbers because it fit their story better. In this town, only the Suns (who have been good for years) and the Fiesta Bowl ever sell out far in advance. I think it's good that the D'Backs have to win to draw - teams like the Cubs and Black Hawks have turned mediocrity into a cottage industry; if their fans stopped caring (and coming to games), maybe they'd actually have won a World Series or Stanley Cup this century.

(2) ASU is now #8 in the BCS, but they still haven't played anybody. Still, it's the highest they've ever been ranked in the BCS since it started in 1998. They hammered an OK Washington team in a game no one saw because it ended after 1 a.m. on the east coast, and have a bye this week before playing Cal (who blew a chance to be #1 and have to play at UCLA this week). Then, it's Oregon (who they always lose to), UCLA and USC. I still think 9-3 is well within their grasp.


Allthenewsthatfits said...

Are you kidding? That Indians-Sox game was great! Seesaw leads, intense competitiveness, managerial forced choices, heroism, mistakes, dragging out every man on the bench.....the only thing it needed was the pitchers batting. But I'm spoiled by the drama and "inside game" of the NL in that regard.

rodney hart said...

Didn't really follow the Tigers last year. Watched a little bit more of the postseason that usual, but not much.

If Arizona State beats Cal, they are legit.

Dirk said...

The Rockies are in the world series? Who are the rockies?