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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

End of Experiment

I am teetering precauriously on the brink of falling off the wagon. It will happen soon.

So I will choose the place and time willingly.

There's a gathering this afternoon to celebrate Bosses Day and I'll simply avoid the temptation. Woodland Cemetery and the Shuffle beckon, and I'll be better off for it.

However ...

Practice tonight, gig Friday at the Elks.

Michigan at Illinois in Champaign Saturday night.

Sammy Fund all day Sunday.

So, for no reason at all, I will probably tip one or two Wednesday night, in Good Company, and call it a grand experiment. I will also do it again.


TOOKIE said...

I got called a fag for drinking pelgrino !

Just an FYI .........

Sir Elton Tookie

TOOKIE said...

You also won a moral victory and I got called a fag .........

That may count as two Moral victories in a week's time.

You may just become the POPE

rodney hart said...

Tookie, I'm shocked anybody would question your, uh, your .... never mind.

I couldn't be the pope. He drinks Pelgrino, too.

TOOKIE said...

I hope DA checks your cannuck @ss in the news room -- the old fashion hockey check too !

TOOKIE said...

When you get free time look at "You tube" under Joe Strummer !

Some great live video's of him with both the Clash and his own band .

Redemption Song cover is the BOMB !