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Monday, October 01, 2007

To Drink Or Not To Drink

So I made it through September (actually starting Sept. 3) without drinking alcohol.

It was a frustrating yet rewarding experience. I missed having a beer a lot. Saturday night at Frankie's benefit the beer was flowing and people were laughing in that beer buzz way and I had to sip my water and sort of grin and bear it.

This was an event where you paid to get in and drank all the beer you wanted. Normally for me that means sucking down a bunch of beer after getting there, then cooling down because I had to drive (especially in Chicago).

Sunday morning I got up kind of wiped out from the whole thing but really feeling physically fine. And it occurred to me if I'd been drinking, I would have felt a whole lot worse, not really hungover, but just .... run over.

The main thing people always ask me when I tell them I've stopped is simply .... "Why?"

That's a hard question to answer. Maybe to just see if I could do it. Maybe to see if I actually have discipline (believe me, I was sorely tempted on several occasions). Maybe it's to have an excuse to avoid certain situations and establishments.

Maybe to save money .... it's like any vice, you don't really realize how much it costs until you stop. This past summer I estimate I probably drank an average of three beers a day. Many days, especially on the beach, I drank more, and many days I didn't drink at all. Mix in the usual Coors Light with the higher end Goose Island, and that's probably close to $100 a month.

So today is Oct. 1 and I'm faced with the big decision .... stay on the wagon or drop off?

It's really hard to decide, but I'm leaning toward staying on.


TOOKIE said...

Stay on Brother stay on .

Sat the Boss & I went to Brix ( go ahead and laugh ) but I had pelgrino (spelling) with a lime and it ws fine .

When it got loud in there I just kind of wanted to go home .

Stay on do the 60 day march and you will be honored in Pike County as an Honorary Petty !

And in Pike County that in itself is an honor

UMRBlog said...

Listen to Rick Nelson's "Garden Party". It contains the answer to that question and many others.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to play Devil's Advocate here and say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Why the hell would you want to quit drinking?!!! I'm just kidding though - you should be supported in any decision you make. And good luck.........

rodney hart said...

Garden Party is a great song .... Rick Nelson wrote it after playing at Madison Square Garden and getting booed off the stage. "You got to please yourself ...."

TOOKIE said...

Rodney Hold the line Stand strong !

Then once you know you can't go get a GOOD OLE Cannuck Crunk !

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the thirty days.
Now you know you can put down the drug. If you choose to pick it up again, you will understand why.

Dr. Phil

UMRBlog said...

Predicate is "You can't please everyone...." an important part of the thought.

Very underappreciated song. Combination of sadness and cognition.

Now, back to the beer,....please yourself.

Hank M said...

The wagon's a great place to stay. Been on for many years (late 80's somewhere). Didn't miss it at all. The benefits (in addition to the economic and feeling of well being you mentioned)are several: you are the observer- not the observed, NO unclear memory problems, no "help" needed to celebrate, socialize, grieve, relate, etc.

TOOKIE said...

Once you hit the Maze & blue plus co eds JUMP right off that Wagon !

Other wise those seats are given to unworthy .........


rodney hart said...

Don't think I haven't thought about that one, Tookster ....

Then again, I'll probably drive, so it will work out either way.

TOOKIE said...

If you have any "GAME" at all .....why would you even think about driving home ?

Time for Rodney to relive the Walk of Shame !

ever hear of a f***ing HOTEL ?

Anonymous said...

Rodney, you think you've covered important trials, you have not, not until you cover Tookie's First Appearance 10/15/2007 08:30 VAHLE 1A. Be there, Rodney, there is a story there I promise. It will be the trial of the century! Front page material!

rodney hart said...

Nah .... The Sammy Fund event is the next morning, so I gotta head back. Otherwise I'd crash in Sham Pain, no problem.

TOOKIE said...

D.A. , D2OB, even BOOB Goo has Game . As a once divorced man you have a chance in a life time .

But you were born in "Leaf" land so I can see the lack of "game" .

Now that I am once in again in the happy & married my level of game is Rusty .

Maybe you could ask Jake Miller for advice .

Co-eds my friend co-eds !

I almost wish Edtard had those seats now !


rodney hart said...

I don't think I'd get through security to get a seat in traffic court. Plus I'm getting a manicure. Plus my car is in the shop. Plus Twice As Mad is having a garage sale that morning. Plus Pravo's class called "Orthodox Is Sexy" meets that day. So I'm booked. I'll call later to get updated.

TOOKIE said...

Orthodox Is Sexy

Damn skippy from what I read !

Cracked my ass up right there !

maybe Che Wilson can give you pointers to make it through your Dry as the Sahara period .


pravoslavniye said...

Stick with it RH. Remember you don't NEED that drink, nice as a cold beer is after a hot day.

Orthodoxy is sexy? Well I suppose, if you like what the Episcopalians always called "smells and bells". The icons are beautiful. The music can be. There's a real sense of reverence and connection with "those who have gone before".

But sexy? To some, I guess. But not to everyones taste, believe me. Would that it were so... :)

Anyway, the class meets Orthosday at 2500 p.a.m. in the middle of the street at x8th and Hampmont. Be there or don't. :P

Anonymous said...

Put the plug in the jug, Rodney.

"We only need one more pin, Rodney!"

- The Burbs