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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

All kinds of stuff going on this weekend. Tin Dusters and the Exchange Club's Smoke on the River Saturday with The Cheeseburgers.

A while back The Cheeseburgers were playing at the church parking lot down the street late on Saturday night as part of an annual event. I had my window open and I could hear Burt Shackelton singing "Comfortably Numb" as I drifted to sleep .... Geesh!

Friday night we are playing at the Elks, 7:30 p.m. We had a really good practice with drummer Pat Cornwell the other night and this should be a lot of fun.

Saturday morning is the Sammy Fund run/walk at Madison Park. Saturday is also Quincy Marching Band's Octoberfest, with the huge parade down Maine Street in the afternoon. Hopefully they have good weather this year.

Heading to Champaign with Dr. Brei and JJ Manager of Doom for the Michigan at Illinois game Saturday night. Sunday is the Sammy Fund golf and dinner/auction event.

Might have to take Monday off to recover!


TOOKIE said...

Have fun at the Game introduce your self to the nice couple sitting to the right !

Freiburg informed me the DRUNKS have gone !

They sang the Dirty words to hail to the Victors.....

I knew those words at 7 and sang loud .

I was there the year Keith beyers ran like 4000 yards on Mike White's Illini !


Damn buckeyes

That was when Free Safty Craig Swopes was all coked up !

He was fast but real irradict !

Anonymous said...

who is this jj manager of doom??

TOOKIE said...

Anonymous said...
who is this jj manager of doom??

12:11 PM

The Funions manager of Doom is looking for Partners in the Maine Street Tap project ......he's heading to the game because he met a partner on myspace ......


Have fun "guys"

rodney hart said...

Slight change of plans .... going to the game with Mark Brei (Funions bass player of doom) and his neighbor's brother. GO BLUE!

TOOKIE said...

"going to see "Big Blow" with my bass players neighbor's brother 's cousin's friend "

I smell a love connection !

p.s. : Muck Fichigan & Bo did have aids