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Saturday, October 06, 2007

(Loud) Friday Night Lights

Kudos the Quincy High football team, which refused to quit and battled Alleman to the end Friday night.

Another huge crowd was on hand for senior night. Alleman went up 14-0 just like that, but QHS battled back and trailed 28-21 at the half. The Blue Devils made some big plays on offense and a couple of defensive stands early in the second half, but it wasn't enough in a 42-21 loss.

I left after Alleman scored in the second half, in part because of the dreadful PA announcer. Don't tell me if the guy is running off tackle, or how far downfield he is, or if Vonderhaar is under center, or if the clock keeps running. DON'T DO PLAY BY PLAY from the PA. His enthusiasm is appreciated and I'm sure he's a nice guy, whoever he is, but it's overbearing and distracting from watching the game.

That's right. WATCHING the game. If we want to listen, we'll bring our radios and headphones. I didn't see a single person do that Friday night.

It's much better at Quincy Notre Dame (Frank Cash) and QU (Bill Shuler, Steve Looten). They are professional and to the point and don't scream into the microphone.

The QHS marching band also did a nice job, as always. Good luck to them in Kahoka, Mo., today.


TOOKIE said...

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TOOKIE said...

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rodney hart said...

Goo needs all the home sales he can get.

UMRBlog said...

Where did that come from? Some of the rural schools are doing it, too. If you're a field announcer--Don't do play-by-play. You're depressing attendance.

I complained about it at a game last year and the school administration told me that there were special education reasons for the young field announcer to allowed to do it. Great, give him a microphone hooked up to a recording device. Let him scream and describe to his hearts content and then make him listen to himself when he misbehaves in school.

Field Announcer = No "Play-by-Play". "Play-by-Play"=No UMRB in attendance. It's an athletic root canal.

BTW, by all means tell us who called the play and what the penalty was for (If you've bothered to learn the officials hand signals), give some area scores, give away door prizes. Say "hi" to your mom. Just don't do play-by-play. It's the High School sports equivalent of a root canal with a rusty paper clip.

PPGA Commish said...

I was at Friday's game, my first QHS game since I covered the team several head coaches ago.

The announcer didn't bug me, but I'm deaf in one ear and the speakers were busted near where I was sitting.

Still, I was very impressed with crowd and with how Coach Little runs things. I cover it in my Sunday column (cheap plug).

rodney hart said...

ABC: Good comment. I believe the announcer was brought in by Coach Little. I covered a million small-school games in my day and many had interesting PA announcing .... but none as bad as QHS.

DOB: I agree. Wish the speaker by us was busted.

pravoslavniye said...

Maybe it's the Harry POtter syndrome--all Quidditch matches are "announced" and kids love HP, ergo...


Bah. Another reason not to like football.

Sorry, crabby today.