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Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing On Purpose

Missing on purpose ... click here.

Thanks to all who showed up last night for our U2Charist. More events in a similar vein are planned.

Saturday night was crazy at the South Side Boat Club. They've done a great job rebuilding the bar, and The Cheeseburgers played very well. 


Anonymous said... was a great story on SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPECT between two high schoools. KUDOS goes out to the DeKalb players and coaches. Condolences goes out to Madison's young man and his tragedy.

After my Truth Project gets over, I am hoping to catch a U2 show...

Anonymous said...

I clipped this article from the HW, along with your article re/your daughter's last high school bb game and have them in an envelope to go to my bb granddaughter and her family in northern IL. We need to hear more of these kind of things.....