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Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Got The Blues

So a certain somebody, let's just say this person lives in Calftown, got her tax rebate early and decided to invest in a pair of Blues-Red Wings tickets for the March 14 game in St. Louis. 

Not just any tickets .... six rows behind the Detroit bench!

I've been watching the Blues games. I'm glad I'm not a fan. If I were, I'd probably want to shoot myself, but they are a young team with some promising players.

Like Blues fans haven't been hearing that for the past decade ....

Horrible loss in Nashville the other night, inexcusable to get scored on with three seconds left.

Great win against Chicago Friday night. A few more like that and there might actually be a glimmer of playoff hope.

So ... I wish the Blues well and want them to win. Except for March 14, of course.

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