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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watch "Once" Twice

Watched two moves last night, one among the best I've ever seen and the other among the worst.

"Once" is about a struggling and broken-hearted Irish street musician (Glen Hansard of The Frames) who meets fellow musician Marketa Irglova. Fantastic songs, realistic portrayals of the song-writing and music experience, and maybe the best ending to a movie you will ever see.

The song "Falling Slowly" won an Academy Award two years ago. 

Then came "Righteous Kill" with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Terrible, just a wretched and awful film. Do not waste your time renting this movie. Both time-honored and decorated actors Pacino and DeNiro go through the motions with this lame-plotted, profane-laced and feeble attempt to be cool flick. 

I only made it through about an hour. I couldn't care less how it ends. Rare is the movie that both bores and annoys you. This is one of them.

Rent "Once." And watch it at least twice.


Saw Lady said...

I loved 'Once' too. A friend lent me the DVD saying I have to watch it because it's about a street performer (and I am one, too). The scene where the busker runs after a guy who stole money from his bag rang very true - I had that happen to me, too, and it ended the same way as in the movie. From there on the movie kept growing on me as it went on.

All the best,

Saw Lady

Rocky Cola said...

the ending to Righteous Kill is probably different than you are thinking-not saying it is a good movie, but at least the ending has a twist.

RH said...

Maybe so, but halfway through I couldn't have cared less about the ending, unfortunately.

Allthenewsthatfits said...

Loved "Once." That opening scene is fabulous, plus the scene where he makes up a song on the bus describing his romantic history.

TOOKIE said...

I watched " The Boondock Saints" again .

Hands down the BEST film ever made

And it is almost St Pat's day

Michael Van Houten said...

Hey Rodney! Hope you're doing well...just had to agree 250% with your assessment of 'Once.' Natalie and I got to see Glen and Marketa in concert last May and they were just fabulous. Really nice people, too...I met them after the show.

RH said...

Thanks Michael ... been thinking about that beach a lot lately in Feb. winter blues ...