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Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Last Time

Last home game tonight for the 6-1 senior. Bittersweet, for sure.

And hard to believe. Wasn't she just a freshman running around out there?

Excellent Funions practice last night, despite Pat recovering from a bout with death. Jack is back blowing his horn after major dental surgery, we are learning a bunch of great songs for the March 7 CAC dinner at the old Holiday Inn.

Also had a great time at Mike Terry's JWCC class today. Good group of kids, good questions about writing and the newspaper bidness.

Jack and I are playing at tomorrow night's Evening Under The Stars at First Union. We'll miss Alan but we'll soldier on ...


PPGA Commish said...

Tell Emily that she played well.

The basketball gods were against her. She had a couple of nice looks at the hoop, but couldn't buy a basket.

Did a nice job with a block and snagged a bunch of boards in limited action.

The flying 'bow was a good one, too.

Glad that I got to see her play again.

And Derek wants to know what an oboe is. He's playing the sax.

SheyFey said...

Love the Hart Flying Elbows... Oboe?