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Monday, November 30, 2009

Burning Down The House

I about burned down my house last night.

Let's just say it involved ashes from the previous night's fire, a trash can full of yard refuse, and one big Dumb Ass who dumped ashes he thought were cold into the can.

A passerby saw the can on fire beside the house and alerted us in time. Black smoke marks on the siding, but these stout German houses can withstand bigger artillery, I'm sure.

There are Good Samaritans out there. This guy didn't have to stop. Wish I knew who he was, I'd buy him a beer or take his family out to dinner.

Of course three QFD trucks came screaming into the hood, and I'm glad they came, even though it was out. They checked the siding for heat and made sure it was OK before leaving, and I appreciate their patience and expertise.

Shey Fey gets ANOTHER medal for good conduct, valor and everything else.

Note to self: Never dump ashes into can with yard stuff. Never. NEVER. Just let em sit for a few days, then bury them in the ground or something.

I have a dunce cap on and am sitting in the corner for the rest of the day.


browneyedgirl said...

Oh, Rman! I'm very thankful for that good samaritan!! btw... coulda' happened to anyone. Scary.

DJ said...

your grandmother in CA once put the garbage in the dryer and the wet laundry in the garbage...

janet said...

well, my friend, wear that dunce cap earned it. don't do dat no mo! thank god for good sams.

SHart said...

Glad no one was hurt and that we can look back at this and have a good laugh at the funny way you described what happened.


TMO said...

Thank goodness that guy stopped to let you know. In today's world that is so unusual, yet this guy probably saved your house. It's a sign that there really are still good people living quietly among us!!! I'm glad everything is ok and no one was hurt.