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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Multitalented Vets

Pics from yesterday's Veterans Parade on Maine Street ..... the top photo is of a Quincy blogger, lawyer and veteran. The second photo is of a Funion, Mighty Bad Guy Catcher and Marine veteran.

Thanks you for serving our country, all veterans! Yesterday's parade was awesome.

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UMRBlog said...

You got my cast in the picture! Adam had to work harder this year than last because I was not too nimble in the candy-distribution duty.

When I say you with more than a pencil I thought "Hmm, Rodney with a camera. This can't end well." Thanks for the kind words. It's a particular pleasure doing this duty with Adam and we will continue to try and recruit other City Employee Veterans into our unit.

RH said...

Thank you and everybody else who has served.