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Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Maulers

The Maulers are probably Quincy's best-known band, except for Dirk & The Perp Walkers and any band Jack Inghram played in between 1900 and 1964. Lots of Maulers stuff on Youtube, and for more click  here.

Sam Middendorf, who I think was in Maulers until nearly choking to death on an expired drummer's vomit, is featured in today's Five Times Five in The Whig, Page 3A.

When asked if he was going to see Michael Jackson's new movie (Michael Jackson has a new movie?), he said: "No, because I can either see a great movie about a great entertainer, dancer, philanthropist and weirdo, or eat a really good sandwich."

My sentiments exactly.

One other thing today, directed to somebody who knows who he is — it must be hard to be so bitter. Thanks for the gracious compliment and thank goodness you qualified it with your usual rational. We'd be worried if you didn't.


SheyFey said...

BG will never know who he is! He is just silly enough to think that Kelly Wilson cares what he thinks!

bgough said...

It really wasn't intended to be a shot. It was a statement of fact.

Many people go from news to PR. Happens all of the time. Usually it is to get better hours and pay, which I'm betting is the case in this instance.

Kelly's a fine writer and an even better person. If it is what she wants, I'm very happy for her.

I'm just saying if a PR job opens in City Hall, I ain't gettin' the gig.

And since I don't know who SheyFey is, I'll just leave that alone.

TOOKIE said...

I think saying did a good job and hard worker summed her up . Pointing out the obvious about Journalists getting PR gigs is pretty much an industry norm .

I think you read into the tea leaves too much .

RH said...

I know it wasn't intended to be a shot. You just can't help but get in your own way. You couldn't just wish her well, could you? Tea leaves ... appropriate way to put it, in many ways ....