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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Skates

My new skates arrived last week from Hockey Monkey. Click here for more.

Generally speaking I don't like ordering stuff online but I had little choice in the matter.

It took less than a week for them to be delivered (are you listening Musicians Friend?) ....

It's been 15 years since I've bought new skates. All I know is that back in the day, every pair of skates I ever had were really tight and felt like they squeezed my feet.

These skates are huge, size 13 EE, and they are very light and comfortable.

However, I won't really know if they are any good until I get on the ice. And in Quincy, who knows how long that could be.

Still, they are here.

Kevin Murphy of The Whig is threatening to put a team together for an outdoor tournament in Wisconsin in February. I say .... LETS GO! 

1 comment:

Rocky Cola said...

Rodney, the guys I play roller hockey with also play pond hockey.

They need to get with your group as they always call me looking for skaters.

Come out Sunday night @ Scotties from 7:15 PM-10 to evaluate the skills on rollerblades.