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Monday, January 25, 2010

Blues Fan

I am slowly becoming a Blues fan. There. I said it.

Blues fans are long-suffering. Their team struggles to make the playoffs, or has to play the Red Wings or Canucks when they do get in and a few games later it's so long, let's make a tee time.

I like some of the Blues players like David Perron and T.J. Oshie. The Blues have speedy guys like Andy McDonald that tend to get steamrolled when other teams clamp down on defense.

Some players I don't like. Paul Kariya is the most overpaid player in the NHL. The defensemen are solid but have a decided lack of flair and except for Barrett Jackman, couldn't score if they had an open net and nobody around to block the puck.

The Blues need an offensive-minded defenseman, and a pure goal scorer.

They also need killer instinct. Last Saturday against the Ducks they had a 3-0 lead in the third period and went into a shell and choked big time. It's been a distressing trend. Their play at home until this month has also been miserable, but the badly needed coaching change has helped that.

So I'm watching them Calgary tonight and I'm actually hoping they do well and win a tight game.

An added bonus - they have great TV guys. John Kelly is a solid play by play guy (his father, Dan, was one of the best ever) and Darren Pang gets a bit excited sometimes, but knows his stuff. I really like Bernie Federko stationed at the player's bench, that adds a different perspective.

Hey! Perron just scored and it's 2-0. Maybe they will hang on and win.


Anonymous said...

Dan Kelly:

1970 Stanly Cup Playoffs:

"Out in front to Sanderson to Orrrr! Bobby Orrrrrr!!, The Bruins win the cup!"

and from one of the greatest games ever played... 1987 Canada Cup game 3:

"and now here is a two on one, Lemieux to Gretzky, he has Murphy with him, to Lemieux, he shoots, he scores!"

Can't get any better than that. Just can't. I should be working, but I think I will youtube those on the company's dime, just for the heck of it.

K in TO

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's legal to be both a Blues and a Wings fan...we'll have to get a ruling on that one. Maybe you'll be able to sneak in on the Scotty Bowman clause.
The Blues will bounce back and STL is still a great hockey town. Question I have for the interwebs: Which, if any, did more damage to the NHL: The loss of older, more character filled buildings, rapid expansion into unorthodox markets, or the lockout?

RH said...

Forget about the office KVA! Let's relive our glory years and yell at Dryden from behind the net in the old Forum ... Did I just hear Danny Gallivan say "Savard with the spinorama!"

The lockout didn't hurt, the hockey is better since the rule have been enforced. Skill players need to shine.

KVA and I may wax poetic about the Forum, Maple Leaf Gardens, etc., but the NHL realizes in today's video-addicted culture, the big buildings with the pyro, video screens and fan features are the way to go. Remember, many of these buildings are used for more than just hockey.

Went to a Blues game last year from ice level and it was a blast, there is nothing like live hockey and the game doesn't translate well on TV for the casual fan.

Too many teams? Of course! Still, I love my DirecTV and when the Thrashers are playing the Lightning I might take a quick look. The problem is that the rivalries aren't as fierce.