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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lack of light

Remember that yellowish orange thing that hangs in the sky? It makes you feel warm and cheers you up.

It has a name, but it’s been nearly two weeks since it’s been out around here. What is this, Seattle?

We need to do something to get the sun out and to start cheering people up around here. I used to think seasonal mood disorder and light deprivation were hooey scientific terms, but I’m beginning to see why they might have some meaning.

If you have some ideas on how to get that big yellowish orange thing to make an appearance, let me know.


TMO said...

I say we play music, drink beer, and do a sun dance. We're guarenteed a good time no matter if the sun shows up or not!!!

SheyFey said...

Sun Dance. YES! Why haven't we thought of that yet???

chart said...

I can vouch for Seasonal Affect Disorder. It exists. Trust me. Or trust David. The difference between living in MI in the winter and living in CO in the winter is... well... notable.