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Friday, January 01, 2010

Make the tourists wait

Tell me there is anything better than spending a whole day watching college bowl games ....

— I always pick against the Big 10 in bowl contests. Always. Today's it's coming back to bite me. I cannot stand Ohio State and I still think they stink. There. I feel better ... Poor Northwestern. They deserved to win against a brain-dead Auburn team but got killed by a little kicker.

— Now it's time to watch Central Michigan East play Florida. Why can't I feel sorry for Urban Meyer?

— Watching the East Coast feeds on DirecTV and the commercials from New York are awesome. "Make the tourists wait in line" is the slogan of one NY City company. Nothing says New York like a smug slogan.

— Hey. You can eat Taco Bell and lose weight! Whodda thunk?

— Took the girls to South Park today to check the ice and they happily splashed in the creek for a few minutes. I was worried about them catching frost bite, but they move too fast and have too much fun running around to catch frost bite. The ice is about three or four inches in some spots, not thick enough just yet but the next two days might just make it thick enough to skate.

— But I will probaby bring the water wings with me just in case ....

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