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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sharp skates

Went to South Park this morning to check out the ice. Put the new blades on for the first time and .... CRAP. Duller than dull. Couldn't get any grip or move at all, and this with a glistening sheet of ice all around.

So I went to Boyers and asked them to sharpen the skate blades again. I brought them there about a month ago and figured I'd be good to go.

I came back a few hours later, picked up the skates and headed out to the South Side Pond Of Doom. Onto the ice and .... beautiful. They cut right through and were perfect. The guy at Boyers didn't charge me anything either when I told him about the first sharpening. He might have lost out on a few bucks but he's a smart businessman, because I'll be back.

Just a warmup today .... big game arranged tomorrow on the South Side and it will be HUGE.

Winter has a way of wearing you down and you gotta find ways to embrace it.

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