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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Haunted Practice

Happy New Year! We leave 2009 with a ghostly Funions practice story from last night ....

We practiced last night at Club Vegas and some really strange stuff happened. The practice itself was awesome and it was the first time all six of us played together since Halloween and we just had a freaking blast.

But ....

"The dead people always come out on New Years," Pat said.

We had just started when a really bad smell started drifting through the room. Normally we all own up to passing gas, especially because every toot during a loud practice qualifies as an ISBD (insidious silent but deadly) toot.

This smell wafted in and out, hovered along the floor, drifted all over the place. Nobody took credit and it was just awful, like something dead was in the room.

We were all looking at each other. Might One says, "I wasn't gonna say nothing." It was really, really, REALLY rank.

A little later we are cranking our way through "Rock and Roll All Night" when Pat's drum monitor, which wasn't turned on, suddenly comes to life and literally blows him off his drum kit.

A few minutes later, the effects on my amp died. I mean they just quit working for absolutely no reason. I turned off the amp, replugged everything in .... nothing. Then a few minutes later it comes back on, again seemingly at random.

Pat says a lot of weird things happen in the building, a former funeral home. I think a lot of this ghost hunting stuff is a bunch of hooey, but if Pat says the ghosts were out and having some fun with us last night .... who am I to disagree?


DJ said...

If there was a Hart in the room that would explain a lot of it.

TMO said...

I've heard people say that our sound has had an effect on them.... But raising the dead... Now that's something to be proud of!!! ROCK ON!!!!

SheyFey said...

I believe there WAS a Hart in the room.......