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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Waiting Out The Cold

— A few more days of this weather and there might be a phone call make to the boys on South 24th ...

— Dear Coach Kelly, please don't take the Notre Dame job. Then I will have to despise you. You are OK right now, even though you bolted on my beloved Chippewas three years ago.

— The Hart Family College Football Bowl Challenge is about to begin. New this year is the pet entry, and I'm putting my money on Bella The Destroyer.

— It's nice to have a Christmas tree in a house once again.

— Air Specialists did a good job with our furnace issues. With a tax credit and rebates, it won't hurt quite so much for a new furnace.

— And you think you had a bad Monday ... click here.


chart said...

That Toni is a nice girl...

RH said...

Just a little misunderstood.