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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slip Slidin Away

Be careful out there, Q-town.

The inch or so of wet snow can really make things slick. I'm going to my car at noon today and stepped off the curb and WHAM the next thing I know I'm down after going ass over tea kettle.

Whatever ass over tea kettle means.

You know it's a spectacular crash when the UPS driver stops the ugly brown truck and asks if you are OK.

Hey. Ever see 5-feet-19-inches crash and burn? It ain't pretty.

I think this is one of those deals that will hurt a lot more tomorrow.

Hot tub therapy and a beverage of choice might help after work. Band practice too! Gotta get somebody to carry all my crap ....

1 comment:

SheyFey said...

The bump on your head is proof enough that you ate the pavement. I think someone should have recorded that on video so we could have shared it on YOUTUBE!

Can you say Hot Tub for your achy neck and back?