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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful ....

— Gotta love all the Facebook comments about bad driving when it snows.

— Shovel? What shovel? Do we have a shovel?

— Had fun hanging out with Dave Chastain and the Lake Trash Band at The Club last night. Dave and the boys tore it up as usual. I just wish I wasn't so dang old and could stay out later.

— Nice to see Jim Dennis and The Crossing getting things done at the old Calftown church near Ninth and Monroe. 

— Yesterday was one of those hellacious days that never seemed to end but went by quickly at the same time, if you know what I mean. I think this gal was one of the worst to come through Quincy in a long time, ranking up there with the Richard Carr's of this world.

— In much more positive and more important news, Bella The Destroyer likes the snow.

— Supposedly the dish gets set up today. 

— Bowl games start, as well. I will forget about coaches who couldn't care less about loyalty and enjoy the games.

— Be safe on this last weekend before Christmas!

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TMO said...

Could it be? Is it possible? Do we have a chance for a white Christmas? If so this will be the first I recall in a while.