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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lotsa iPod

Rev. Dirk just headed back to the Ville after a very nice four-day visit. If he can make it down the Eighth Street hill to Ill. 57, it should be smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Shey Fey got me a 16-gig iPod Nano for Christmas. I don't know what 16 gig means, other than "it holds a lot of stuff." It also has the coolest video camera and it should be fun figuring it out.

I am working this weekend and it was a little strange last night doing a story about a new way to make meth while blasting out Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the newsroom. Some had a merrier Christmas than others ....

This morning's Dirk Jr. Kitchen Catastrophe involved not snapping down the coffee filter and flooding four drawers and the floor with caffeine. Someday Shey Fey will simply snap, I swear.

And the best news of all .... Rev. Dirk has started his prostate cancer treatments and is feeling good. He announced that a new study shows caffeine and beer are good ways to prevent and treat prostate cancer.

Maybe I have a shot against this thing, after all.


SheyFey said...

I pride myself on my patience. You just keep teaching me more.

DJ said...

't was a great Christmas.