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Monday, December 28, 2009


For Christmas, Shey Fey got a three-month pass to a local fitness center.

We went this afternoon and I it will take some getting used to for her. We are used to walking the dogs in the great wide open, not walking around a track in front of a bunch of people.

It's an awesome place but it is sprawling and I can see why some people may be a bit intimidated at first. I've been there many times and it's no big deal to me.

Plus .... Rocky Cola, one of the few sane Web Warriors in this world, was there! HUUUUUGGGEEEE.

And no. I'm not playing roller hockey, Rocky .....


Rocky Cola said...

I am a simple man. Work, workout, home with the kids and spouse. Do it almost every day. Boring, but it tends to work for me.

Glad to see you guys there. I am on the board at the Y and that is great and so is QU! Some people are weird about talking during workouts, when I get huffing and puffing and jamming to RUSH I am pretty focused, so take no offense!!
Keep it up, half the battle is just going 3-5 days a week. And you should play roller hockey, you would be great. What would Ti Domi think of you not going?

Anonymous said...

I used to WO there but it got too pricey! How much did they stick ya for, I may go back if the've dropped the rate

SheyFey said...

Yea, RotKnee... How much did you pay for my gift??? Please do not answer mr anonymous. I don't think that is very polite...