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Friday, December 04, 2009


Somebody hacked into my Facebook account and sent emails claiming I had dirty pictures.

Shey Fey says it's probably not local, probably a professional dirtball who figures out passwords by keying in on specific words.

Password changed. If you did get an email via Facebook with such a message, DO NOT open. It caused at least one person I know to have a computer meltdown.



TOOKIE said...

Facebook and myspace are full of fishing programs . Comes with the social media territory . I would advise using "one capital" and a minimum of "one -two numbers" in every important password .

Then make a universal password for junk sites . Use a clean email for your junk password and use that one all the time .

Just a safety FYI

or you could just get a MAC

RH said...

Good advice.

I do have a Mac, hoser!

TOOKIE said...

If your facebook got cracked and you own a Mac , well then your F***ered . In general using my "how to have safe and secure " net life is good for 99% of the average people .

TMI on social networks is dangerous . I am shocked at how many butt clowns place all but their SS # and bank routing #'s on myspace and facebook .