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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot and Rainy Music Nights

Weekend started with a band with a tremendous Blues In The Park show by Laurie Morvan. This gal is an incredible guitar player, singer and her band is superb - loved the gal she sang with, the harmonies were awesome. Easily the best Blues In The Park band ever! If you thought it was too hot and didn't come out, man, you missed out.

The Tappe boys did sound and did a great job. A few weeks ago there was another act and I heard people grumbling about the sound - well, geesh, ask for a refund (free shows hoser). The sound many times depends on the band and making sure nobody is cranked to 11. The mix in the park Friday was clear and you could hear each part of band perfectly.

We don't sit right in front, though some people prefer it. Off to the side it's not nearly as loud and actually easier to pick out the band instruments and vocals.

Last night the Cheeseburgers played the Hancock County Fair in Augusta and it was easily our tightest show so far. Despite the fact it was raining sideways on our way up there (at one point we saw water running uphill from a culvert, I am not making it up) we had no issues since we were under a big picnic type roof. The rain probably kept people away but the crowd was decent and they were waaaaayyyy into it, especially after beer-30 came and kept coming.

Snapped a string on each of my electric and my acoustic guitars. Now THAT's a good gig.

We have a young guy named Brian who is our roadie/sound guy/string fixer, and he's the bomb. To start the fourth set he dresses up as Angus Young and plays a mean guitar on "Dirty Deeds" you have to see to believe ...

Anyway, getting better and still having more fun than should be allowed ....

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