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Saturday, July 31, 2010

No More BK

There are summer Saturday mornings when a greasy breakfast sandwich is not just an idea, it has to happen.

So this morning I hop on the scooter and go to the Burger King at Seventh and Broadway. I walk in and there is nobody in the place, save for a guy in the back eating breakfast and reading his paper. I yell and nobody, and I mean nobody, is there.

So I get back on the scooter and pull to the back and the two employees are standing there smoking.

Congrats, BK. You lost my business for good. Too bad, I liked the place a lot because it was usually quiet and you never had to wait long.

There might be reasons for that.


Anonymous said...

Rather than fly off and bitch about it in your personal blog, did you ever consider using your resources that you have at your disposal and find the owner to inform him of your dissatisfaction.

I mean, if you are going to blog do it responsibly, not as a hothead. If I want to read hothead issues written by a punk, I can go to City Desk at QNO.

Got it? Follow your own guidelines, man.

RH said...


This isn't an Anon Web Warrior. It's my take on life. If it isn't right, I'll write about it.

And it isn't a "hot head" issue. It's not the end of the world. Sure, I wasn't happy, but that's life.

What is QNO?


browneyedgirl said...

Wow. Anonymous sure does have a cob up his/her ass.

SheyFey said...

Anonymous isn't really that anonymous. Most of the time we know which web warrior is crabby. They just don't want the world to know how they really are.