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Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's the flight and landing that counts

What I learned a long time ago about playing in bands is that the takeoff is important, but it's the flight and the landing that really count.

Friday night in Hannibal, we had some sound system issues. You know what? It happens. My wireless guitar setup was acting up on the first couple of songs, the main speakers shorted out and we sort of stumbled through the beginning of the set.

I can actually hear myself sing in the Cheeseburgers, now I gottta work on the guitar monitor mix. All in good time, inner monitors and other things will come.

After a little bit we hit our groove and had the place rocking. Remember - we are NOT responsible for our behavior! These mud volleyball people are nuts .... Click here if you are on Facebook for pics.

This whole recovery after playing for four hours things is still taking some used too. In my short acceptance speach, I would like to thank the academy, Ibuprofen and my hot tub.

A couple of weeks off after three straight weekend shows, then back at it toward the end of the month.

You can't legally have this much fun, can you?


Anonymous said...

Your photo link doesn't work :( Sounds like a fun event though, better than our office's old-men's-golf-outing.

RH said...

It works if you are on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Oh, There's your problem. You may have to be a FB user, but you also have to be a friend of the person who's photos they're in. It's a private/locked photo album.