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Friday, July 02, 2010

Muddy Start (updated with links!)

The annual media mud volleyball challenge Thursday night kicked off yet another exhaustive weekend of activities. That's me, getting taped up before our matches by team captain Tommy VanNess, while Rev. Ryan Reed waits his turn. More Shey Fey pics here.

Classic H-W slide show here, more blog love here.

The Herald-Whig let a TV station win this year. But I got to shower with Rajah Maples. Let me explain ....

The mud volleyball pits are right by the levee in downtown Hannibal, part of Tom Sawyer days, and thousands flock to the area for the weekend tournament. This year we let KHQA win because we dominated last year and felt sorry for them.

We weren't able to jump into the Mississippi River to "clean off" like last year, so we used the community spigots on the north end of the pits. Rajah, I love you. Even if you serve like Chris Duerr.

Ever sink your feet into three feet of gooey Mississippi River mud? Bud Light Lime really helps take the edge off. That's all I'm saying.

We are right back at the Y Men's Pavillion by the courts tonight for a Cheeseburger show, 7 bells sharp and it's gonna be HUGE. Predawn Hour plays right up the street starting a few hours later. I've been told the bring the A game cause it's a big party.

Thankfully we have Saturday to recover at the O'Brien annual 3rd of July party, and Sunday fireworks with mom and dad Mays at Spring Lake. I'll need a vacation from my time off AGAIN.

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