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Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm home for lunch today and turn on ESPN Classic, and they are showing a Christmas Day 1970 NBA game between Atlanta and Phoenix.

ESPN Classic needs to do more of this instead of showing the dumb bowling and poker shows. For Phoenix, Connie Hawkins is tearing it up in the second half until Mendy Rudolph calls him for his fourth foul. For Atlanta, Pistol Pete Maravich has the high socks with the shorty shorts and he shoots it every chance he gets.

The scorer's table is just that - a table. The players are sitting in metal folding chairs. Keith Jackson is the announcer and the graphics are hilariously huge, with the score flashing once every five minutes.

And ... no obnoxious music or PA announcers annoying the crowd.

I vote for more of this. If they can dig up some old NHL games, well ... I'd be hooked.

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