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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dance The Night Away

Last night was one of our best shows, and it's all because of you.

Fantastic crowd! Man, they were ready to party and have a good time. From the first song to the extended "third set," the dance floor was full and people seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

The Elks crowd tends to be a little more experienced, so we play a ton of groove songs people know — Mustang Sally, Doctor Doctor, Twist and Shout, etc. But when we bust into "Play That Funky Music" they really go nuts and it's a blast to watch from the stage.

People were actually showing up to see us play, as opposed to fleeing the premises (which is what happened in previous Elks shows). Bill Durst and the Elks folks were pleasantly surprised with the great Friday night crowd and we'll make plans to come back.

A big thanks to Warren Riley who filled in on guitar while Chris played his big show at Turner Hall with Fielder.

Elvis was HUGE ... you had to be there.

A word about endorphins ... it's amazing how you can crawl into a building and not even be able to stand up, but when the music starts, they kick in and it feels - so - good - unbelievably good.

Gonna need em tomorrow night at the U2charist service.

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