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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Thanksgiving thoughts

— Really enjoying the U2 box sets, especially the B-sides and various remixes. Some of the live songs on the October bonus disc are amazing .... as are the bizarre dance mixes off the War disc.

— Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Don't take for granted health, family and friendship.

— Speaking of friendship, UMR, we might have somebody in common here. Or maybe not.

— Being ignored is a terrible thing, n'est pas? Not being able to figure out why is even worse.

— Somebody asked why I took All The News That Fits off my links. Very simple - he (or she) doesn't blog enough. This person, a former employee of a major Quincy media outlet, has insightful and often searingly accurate criticism of local media. However, for every on target blog he (or she) does, there are a bunch of strange and seemingly pointless entries. This person doesn't live in Quincy, though still lives in the area, and has gone to great lengths to keep his (or her) identity secret. Good reason for that, I'm sure. The IP address out of the Macomb area is very interesting, however. I think I know who it is, but really, it doesn't matter and I won't spill the beans. Besides, it is his (or her) blog , and he (or she) can do whatever he (or she) wants.

— I am happy for Ball State, even though they got lucky against my Chippewas last week. It's a great story, from the depths of a mid-major conference to being unbeaten and possibly screwing up the BCS.

— Too many of you reading this are already preparing for Friday morning's cattle call, also known as Black Friday shopping. I had to write a story about this nine years ago and I am still in regular therapy to try and recover.


TOOKIE said...

Nice write up on a certain relative in the insert the other day

UMRBlog said...


I think you may be right. I hope you were as prepared as I was for the one we have in common. Doubt you know the other one.

As I began typing this, chips were down 14 to EMU. Haven't had an update.

Continued Success.

RH said...

Tookie - I am proud of her!

RH said...

UMR ... Chips got beat by a guy who completed 3,000 passes. But ... QHS girls snap a 26-game losing streak today!

TOOKIE said...

You de-linked "Quincy Fire" , it has an appearance of bias to any who may criticize the local media .

But I kept your link up , because we all know you read .

p.s. : Did you hear about the fist fight and blue hairs falling down at Wally World over the last TV on Black-n-blue Friday ?

A grown adult fighting over a tv and looking at Court just does not compute with me .