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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Respect for Vets

Please remember our veterans. Today is their day, but every day should be their day.

Here's an idea on how to honor them.

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UMRBlog said...

Jumping my own topic for tomorrow a bit, I would feel my own service would be honored and acknowledged if:

1. There was a nationwide EAP for honorably discharged brothers and sisters with mental health or anxiety issues--limit it to five visits, eight visits, whatever. Just have one.

2. Develop a VA funded bloc grant system so each state could devise its own effort to place otherwise mentally vets in homes (Fastest-growing homeless demographic is FEMALE veterans--how freaking sad is that?) Most states would use the bloc grant to fund existing programs which are working but have next to no money.

3. Extend VA medical care for Honorably Discharged Vets whether they saw combat or not--the current point system intentionally breaks a promise made to virtually all vets who helped win the cold war and most who did something to support GWI, but weren't in theater.

I don't need a holday. I do need my brothers and sisters whose lives haven't quite panned out to be embraced by what should be a grateful nation.

Thank you for the topic. Continued success