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Monday, November 17, 2008


Fun times in Jacksonville Sunday night. Hit a deer on I-72 near Pittsfield, but we had Jack Inghram in the car with us so we were spared. Left a nasty streak on the side of the passenger door and dented the front right panel, but otherwise we escaped unscathed. Man, that sucker hit hard.

Good energy for the U2.1 event. Big thanks to Josh Carlson for running sound and to drummer Craig Sparks for keeping us together, we were a little ragged. The spirt and energy were there, however, and that's all that counts. We'll have some appearances announced early in 2009.


SheyFey said...

Deer goo is sticky! and the dent hardly shows. YOU got very lucky. Jack and I coulda been smashed if you weren't so good at side swiping deer.


wally said...

My mom used that say that God takes care of fools and preachers (she was never sure into which category I fit). Apparently that covers guitar players, saxophone players, and significant others, too.

REALLY glad you're all okay.

browneyedgirl said...

Okay.... why is it I'm just now hearing about your deer accident?? You REALLY need to KEEP IN TOUCH!!!! I'm glad it wasn't as bad as mine and that you're all okay:)