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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post Election

I don't do posts about politics for many reasons. But this is different, the day after a historic election.

First of all, do NOT make assumptions about how I voted. Voting is a personal thing. If you are a D or R and want the world to know about what you stand for, good for you. I consider voting a right and privilege not to be taken for granted. I am not a Republican or Democrat, and I never vote for a straight party ticket.

The good thing about politics is the passion involved. The bad thing about politics is the passion involved.

I resented the comment in today's Whig from the woman who said "I can't believe people are this gullible" and blamed Obama winning on the media. Equally resented a number of Democrats who complained about an aspiring young R and a county board seat.

I listened to the candidates. I determined if there was media spin. I made informed decisions, and I consider myself blessed to live in the greatest country on earth.

And, to the imbecile who suggested we should all move to Canada after this presidential election .... I still have dual citizenship.

So go ahead and move. I'll warn my brethren to the north, eh?


Anonymous said...

The woman who made the comment is gullible enough to think that Sarah Palin actually would be a qualified VP. Talk about gullible!

Anonymous said...

Amen! I've never seen such hostility after an election! Where does all the hate come from? It seems we have a country full of sore losers...and winners. What a nice example we're setting for our children...I only hope they're smart enough to think for themselves and not just spout out what their parents say.

TOOKIE said...

It appears we have sore winners also .

RH said...

Why? Did they lift something heavy? Get an MRI, it's a great experience. Prednazone works great too.

Anonymous said...

>The woman who made the comment
>is gullible enough to think that
>Sarah Palin actually would be a
>qualified VP.

Palin had more qualifications to be VP than Obama had to be Prez, at least insofar as executive experience.

But then we can say that about a heck of a lot of guys who became President (not much experience in that kind of thing). Lincoln for one, and he did okay. :) Obama will do okay too, I think.

>I've never seen such hostility
>after an election!

Haven't been paying attention since the time of JFK, have you? ALWAYS there are angry grumblings after the election, and especially so since the Reagan years, and again since 2000 (which is the only time there might have been reason).

>It seems we
>have a country full of sore
>losers...and winners.

Can't disagree with that assessment!

>What a nice
>example we're setting for our
>children...I only hope they're
>smart enough to think for
>themselves and not just spout out
>what their parents say.

Uh, kids AREN'T smart enough, wise enough, or informed enough to "think for themselves". I know I wasn't until at least the time I graduated from college. I THOUGHT I was (don't we all) but I wasn't, really. There will be exceptions but for the most part, having parental guidance and example is a GOOD thing.

BTW I voted for Obama, quite over the disagreement of both parents. I liked both canididates, thought they both had excellent ideas and both would make fine presidents.

But when the pen hit the ballot, I think Obama better suits the times in which we live and will be the more effective for it, in spite of any misgivings I may have.