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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Road Trip

Went up to DeKalb last night to watch YOUR Central Michigan University Chippewas nearly blow a three-touchdown lead before beating Northern Illinois in overtime.

Met up with Scott McNeal AKA Gus Macker and we had a blast hooting and hollering. I liked the old stadium, pretty simple layout but it has some atmosphere. There was this strange fog rolling in and I got texts saying it was hard to watch on TV. We sat on the 20 yard line in the front row right behind the CMU bench and at times we had trouble seeing through the mist too.

After the game the players sang the fight song for the several hundred Chippewa fans, and Gus and I ran around on the field like little kids ... more fun that you should be allowed to have!

I like going on solo road trips. It's good to sit in the car and think about life, sing along to the radio or iPod, all the while paying attention to the road. I took the new 336 around Macomb to get up there, and I hate I-88 — classic "let's block the left lane for seven miles while fixing two inches of road" construction, mad drivers, toll booths .... yechh. Took more than five hours. Took I-39 home to Bloomington and 1-72 around Springfield to get home, much better, 4 1/2 hours.

Getting home at 3:30 spiked on caffeine is surreal.

P.S. - apparently is back!


Anonymous said...

Re-link Tookie!!!

RH said...


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your Central Michigan Chippewas are #2 in the MAC! I wanna see them kill Ball State at home next week!

Where did the rest of SheyFey's blog go to? Is Lucy going to post more?

RH said...

Shey Fey killed the old blog for some reason, but she had quite a few people ask about it so I think she got the courage to start it back up.

PPGA Commish said...

Is it safe to do Demons year-end awards yet? Are we really sure the season is over?

All the Chips have to do is beat the Illini now and they win the state of Illinois belt after beating up on Northern and the mighty, mighty EIU.

RH said...

How about a Demons Ring of Honor for soon to be retiring players?