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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eastern (warning) Story

The day before Easter, a man goes to Wal-Mart with his two sons. As they round the corner in the home improvement section, one son cuts off dad with the cart. Dad's little toe smashes into a decorative rock display, peeling the nail off the toe.

Dad stands there bleeding.

SON NO. 2: There must be a First Aid station here somewhere.

SON NO. 1: Dude, this is WAL-MART.

Dad goes back to the car, son No. 1 finishes shopping.

Moral of the story — shopping carts are hazardous to your health, and don't go shopping with your sons the day before Easter if you expect to hop around today.



FRED said...

How about wear some real shoes?

Son 1 said...

Neither son was pushing a shopping cart. Dad's just that clumsy

RH said...

That apple doesn't fall from the tree ....