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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Puppy + Food = poo

Meet the newest member of the family - Isabella, or Bella, a Border Collie mix.

Somebody can't say no and decided despite the chaos of a Calftown move, huge medical adventures and just life itself, a puppy would be a good idea.

Bella is a cute little thing with the biggest paws you've ever seen. She galumps around, much like her hoggy friend Woody.

Shey Fey says Bella is "bursting with poo" when she has to go out, and we've discovered it's true the hard way. 

Bursting With Poo would make a great title for a Funions CD, or a hard rock band. Or a Will Ferrell movie.

Anyway, Bella has already been to the doggie doctor and had pills prescribed for poo bursts.

Reportedly I've received permission to use the phrase "Bursting With Poo" in a newspaper column. Reportedly.

Wecome Bella!


browneyedgirl said...

Bursting with poo!!??!!?? Lovely visual!! What a great way to start the day.... I am still laughing my ass off :)) btw.... hoggy??????

Anonymous said...

I had the chance to meet Bella the other day while SheyFey took her daily walk. Good looking pup, gonna make for a great family addition. Hope to see you May 23rd.

RH said...

May 23rd is the debut of "Adam & The Stop Sticks." It will be HUGE!

Woody is hoggy. Hogs all the treats, tennis balls, stuffed animals, dead squirrel residue to roll in, everything around him. At least you are getting his big butt out and about ....

SheyFey said...

Well Said!! Woody is a Doofus too!

browneyedgirl said...

Poo on you!! You know deep down in those black hearts of yours that you love my hoggy dog!!!!