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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jesus Was In Show Choir!

I saw Quincy High School's New Faces 2009 edition Friday night.

Holy Crap!

This is basically QHS' talent show, and there's a ton of talent. All we hear about these days is teachers being let go and school board members dissing each other as an election nears, so it's refreshing to see what this is really all about - the students.

The show revolves around musical, dance and comedy acts. I thought Less Than Defeated did an amazing job with the orginal song "Dream Catchers." Loved Keyana Turner's "Killing Me Softly" rendition. Jacob Campell played an amazing acoustic guitar piece for his parents called "25" in honor of their 25th anniversary (more young people should learn to play guitar like Jacob). The Ska Band's "Good Thing" rocked!

Amanda Saul was huge, huge, HUGE, with a piano and vocal rendition of Counting Crows' "Color Blind."

Two minor bones of contention. Racing Rag Dolls did a fine version of "Love Song," but 311 DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG. It was done originally by 1980s band The Cure.

And "Higher Love" is a Steve Winwood song from the mid-80s, not the 70s, but the Show Choir did look good in their hippy outfits.

Just sticking up for my era, that's all.

I am not a huge dance fan, but Jaclyn Frost and Ian Taylor were spellbinding in "Come On Get Higher."

Then there's the comedy. Who was that 6-1 senior who impersonated Kathi Dooley in Gem City Squares? "Jesus was in Show Choir!" she said. The place came unglued.

Ginny Helmer, Lindsay Vo and Emily Hart were fantastic in 57 1/2 Tacos skits. The Cool Beans thing had the place in stitches, reminded me a lot of Whose Line Is It Anyway. Their farce Show Choir treatment was even funnier after thinking about it for a few minutes.

Last night tonight. There were only a few empty seats Friday, not sure if any are left .... if you can, check it out!

Take a nap if you go .... it's 3 1/2 hours, but it moves fast. There was a tremendous amount of work done to make it so seamless .... great lighting and technical work too.

Young people at their best.


Anonymous said...

I agree...I totally loved the show Friday sure 6'1" should be a musician and not a comedian? What a great job by all involved...made me proud!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard about this?


(Looking for host in Quincy, IL area)

Will be played in Springfield, IL if host is not established.

RH said...

Thanks Lonny ...