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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was accused of preaching yesterday.

So be it. The events of earlier this week prompted a talk with the 6-1 senior.

Look. She is a great kid. She is an A student, doesn't hang out with the bad crowd, has a college scholarship waiting, the whole world in front of her.

She can make her own decisions, her own choices.

Sorry about the preaching, but it made me feel better. All it takes is one bad choice and your whole life changes.


FRED said...

You gotta preach. They need to constantly hear it!

SheyFey said...

The preacher in you is genetic. I'll bet ALL the parents in Adams county gave a sermon or lecture. A tragedy like that makes everyone think about keeping kids safe.

Anonymous said...

I'm 48 and still get the occassional "preach" from the parental units.

Of course now I recognize it for their love and concern for me. As a teen it was just interference and oldster foolishness.

She'll understand someday, and probably sooner than you think.

After all, my parents, who were the stupidest people in the world when I went to college CLEARLY had taken some serious remedial coursework by the time I finished my second year at U. They were a lot smarter and wiser all of a sudden. :)