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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Election analysis

A day after municipal elections .....

— Had to laugh when I read one candidate saying there were alleys in better conditions than the streets in his ward. Pffffftttt .... come on over to Calftown, pal. 

— I'm wondering how many people were waiting to make up their minds as the campaigns wore down.

— Why would you vote for a candidate who says they are pulling out but it's too late to take their name off the ballot? By the way, I like the fact two new faces will be on city council, both guys look like they have a lot to offer.

— The voter turnout sucked. Don't complain if you didn't vote. Both parties, however, should take account of the massive voter apathy.

— When are all these signs going to be picked up?

— I'm just glad it's over.

— The school board election in Quincy was verrrrrrryyyyy interesting .... I tried telling a certain person that Bud Niekamp would get the most votes, and the person scoffed at me. Oh well. 

— Would you ever consider running for public office? Didn't think so ....


Anonymous said...

I was out @ 7:30 AM and saw one sign still standing. Most were picked up later Tuesday night. What are you talking about?

RH said...

There were still quite a few sprinkled throughout town Tuesday, this morning most of them are gone from my hood .....